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Solar PV

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EV Charging


Heat pumps are highly efficient devices which generate heat in an environmentally clean manner.  Broadly they fall in to two categories:-

  1.   Air Source Heat Pumps         (ASHP)

  2.   Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

Both extract heat from their respective sources (Air and the Ground) to provide heating for radiators and your hot water. 

Solar Panel arrays are now commonplace on many rooftops across the country allowing homeowners more control of their electricity needs. With spiralling electricity (as well as gas) prices,  the attractions of using solar to harness electrical power are obvious. "Pay-back" periods are getting shorter as technological advances improve efficiency. 

Specification, Design and Installation

To specify your property's heating needs, we carry out an on site survey survey to gauge system requirements. System design is undertaken by RENBRAC, our preferred supplier of solar as well as air- and ground source heat pumps.  

          To book your survey, get in touch....

                  07899 052562


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Solar Panels and EV Charging are additional elements of our sustainable energy offering.


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We work closely with Renbrac Renewables, specialists in the field of Solar Power and Electric car charging. 

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