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What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

It's an assessment of your property's energy efficiency to give an EPC rating (between A and G -
the least energy efficient). Older houses are normally rated lower than modern ones which have improved energy efficiency specifications. The average rating in the UK is "D".


The features which we note are age, floor area, wall construction, glazing and lighting as well as  thermal qualities such as central and hot water heating and insulation.  


When do you need an EPC?  

SELLING - legally your EPC must be up-to-date (within the last 10 years) before you market your property for sale. 

LETTING - the same 10 year requirement applies and recent regulations require your rental property to have a minimum E rating (see MEES). NB. If your property has a rating of F or G or is listed, some exemptions can apply.  

What's the cost?

We charge £80 (inc VAT) for a 2 bed property and an additional increment of £5 for each further bedroom.  As part of our service we recommend improvements which can improve the EPC rating.  

    To book your EPC, get in touch ....

            07899 052562


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